How to grow a Beard...

Posted on September 03 2018

How to grow a Beard...

#1 Patience!! Much of how fast your beard grows depends on genetics. Some men it seems can grow a beard overnight where as guys like me have to wait months for a full beard. We're the guys who need to practice patience the most. For months our beard is going to look like shit! But eventually after months of waiting we reach the promised land and can call ourselves Beardsmen.

#2 Accept the discomfort in the beginning. When we first start growing a beard it feels like we have needles protruding from our skin. This is when it's important to begin moisturizing your skin with a beard oil. This is a must if you want the itch and dry skin to subside. It'll also soften up your junior beard so your lady won't feel like she's kissing a great white shark!

3) Your beard shouldn't end at your chin. When shaving let your beard grow until it's about one to two inches above your Adam's Apple. Your beard will look fuller and you won't look like Abraham Lincoln.

4) Round Face? A more square beard can help define your jawline. Most guys shave closer at the cheeks and let the chin grow fuller where a goatee would be. Every beard is different. Shave yours how you want to shave it and remember PATIENCE!!! Growing a beard can take a long time for some of us so hang in there. You'll go through the homeless phase where you look like you live under a bridge but your going to get there eventually! Happy Bearding!




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