Patience, Patience, Patience

Posted on September 01 2018

Patience, Patience, Patience

Hello Beardsmen,

I wanted to address an issue that comes up with individuals who take months to grow a beard. It really comes down to genetics. Some guys it seems can grow a beard overnight while others like myself take months to grow a beard. The key is muscling through those tough months when it feels like you have quills poking out of your skin. Using a good beard oil will greatly moisturize your beard and skin making the prickly pain a little bit more bearable.

When I reached month one I was ready to shave but it was my wife who told me to stick it out even though she loved to tell me I looked homeless. So I did and I finally have the beard I wanted. It just took 6 months to get there.

So remember my bearded brethren patience, patience, patience!

Take Care,

Beard Prep




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