Lemon and Spice Special Blend Beard Oil




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  • Lemon and Spice Beard Oil is another one of our favorites and is a complex blend of oils that include lemon, ginger and clove essential oils among other oils. Lemon has many health benefits such as eliminating acne and is a natural antiseptic. Clove has been shown to have anti aging properties along with many other benefits.
  • This Beard Oil will moisturize and nourish your beard and leave it looking shiny, supple and majestic. The scent will stay with you for hours and hours. No more itchiness or Beardruff. Your beard will be more manageable and will look fantastic!
  • Once you begin using Lemon and Spice Beard Oil your significant other will notice a change in her man's beard and will be grateful you've taken control of that unruly facial hair. You'll finally be the beardsman you deserve to be.
  • Drop 3 to 5 drops of Beard Oil from the one ounce dropper bottle in your palm and rub into your beard for best results.
  • Beard Prep Beard oil can be applied once or twice a day but best applied after your daily shower once you've completely dried your beard. Your beard and skin will thank you!!
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