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About Us

Everything we do we believe in challenging the status quo. We believe in thinking differently. The way we challenge the status quo is by making a product made up of only the finest ingredients. We just happen to make great Beard Care products. Beard Prep products were born out of a love of essential oils and their benefits to health and wellness.

For years my lovely wife and I have looked to essential oils for many home remedies. Toothaches, back pain, headaches, foot fungus and so on, Essential oils were very effective at treating certain ailments. Two years ago when I began growing facial hair I looked to essential and carrier oils to create organic high quality beard care products to soften my beard and give me healthier skin. My wife appreciated the softer beard and the scent of my beard after applying my beard oils.

After I discovered that essential oils were used in beard oils I soon found myself at home making beard oils for enjoyment. My wife has always been my partner in this venture and she helps me every step of the way. Whether it's mixing oils or coming up with new ideas for the website.

I keep a notebook with me that contains my recipes so I can duplicate the most popular oils. If you're like me you want a top quality Beard Oil. That's what we deliver. My personal favorite is Joshua Tree and my wife likes it best as well.

What began as a hobby very slowly grew into a business. Our absolute mission is to manufacture the finest facial care products for men so that your beard stays healthy and shiny and your skin stays moisturized. Our products are all 100% organic and proudly Made in the USA.

Beard Prep also donates $1.00 from every Beard Oil sale toward cancer research. My mother passed away from cancer at a young age and it's time to fight for a cure.